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Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

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    There are no products in this category.

High quality, professional grade heat shrink tubing from Master Appliance is the perfect choice of product to insulate, identify, and protect wiring, components and electrical systems for home or business. Available with or without an adhesive seal lining, Master Appliance polyolefin heat shrink tubing kits are effective for a variety of projects. You can find Master Appliance products at various distributors in the United States, and our convenient distribution center locator will assist you.

Heat shrink tubing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and even conforms well to oddly shaped areas. Heavy duty heat shrink tubing from Master Appliance can be used to insulate and strain relief of wire terminals; color coding of electrical harnesses; protection of wire splices for cars, trucks and boats; and for harness breakouts.

Master Appliance Dual Wall Flexible Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment Kits and Refills have many versatile and economical features including flame retardant tubing with a layer of thermo-plastic adhesive providing a barrier against contaminants. Only the clear type of dual wall shrink tubing is not flame retardant. We have kits of various sizes and lengths, and kit refills are available in bags of eight.

Master Appliance Thin Wall Shrink Tubing features flexible general purpose tubing that conforms well to irregular shapes and does not require an adhesive seal. Our MiniPak has an assortment of nine items with 39 pieces in black, red, blue and yellow. Another assortment kit has nine items and 103 pieces in black, red, blue and yellow, and kit refills are available in bags of ten.

Uses for Master Appliance Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is extremely useful for protection and aesthetic enhancement and can be found just about anywhere you’ll find wires and cables. Common uses of heat shrink tubing include:

  • Insulate cables and wires against extreme heat in aircraft, boats and automobiles
  • Color code cables for easy identification
  • Seal water and dust out of cables
  • Provide protective barrier between corrosive chemicals and cables
  • Attach multiple wires together (harness the wires)
  • Improve how cables look in custom cars and motorcycles

Heat shrink tube and accessories are just some of the high-quality professional heating tool products  Master Appliance manufactures. Visit our website to  order online from a distributor or request a catalog of products.