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Attachments and Accessories

If you are all ready to try out your new Master Appliance heat gun, glue gun or plastic welding kit, you should check out accessories and attachments that will make your professional and personal jobs much easier. With our high quality professional heat tools accessories and/or attachments, performance and versatility will increase, allowing you to do more jobs in less time. Master Appliance has distribution centers all across the United States, and our convenient online distributor locator will help you find one closest to where you live.

Extensive Line of Heat Tool Accessories and Attachments

Stainless steel heat gun accessories, Ultratip® Technology soldering tips and custom made storage and carrying cases will extend the life and performance of your Master Appliance heat tools providing you many more years of use. Just as you would choose accessories for your home or car, why not add to your heating tool kit a number of valuable accessories and attachments to enhance its value?

Master Appliance heat tool accessories, like our stainless steel professional quality heat gun add-ons will allow you to direct, concentrate or reflect heat for many different jobs. By adding heat gun accessories to your kit, you’ll have all the extra conveniences you need to make your system complete and perform more jobs in less time.

For your welding kit needs, Master Appliance offers speed weld, pendulum weld and tack weld tips that are specially designed for specific welding applications. These can be purchased individually or on an as-needed basis. You may find you need one or all of the weld tips we have available.

Master Appliance features Ultratip® Soldering Tip Technology in all Ultratorch soldering iron and heat tools. These tools are the perfect portable soldering tools for lead-free soldering materials, and Ultratip soldering tips have over twice the iron plating thickness of the competition’s brass based tips. Ultratip and Ultratorch accessories will surely extend the versatility of your Ultratorch heat tools.

Econoiron heat accessories include seven different types of soldering iron tips; heat tips; torch tips; two hot knife tips; and four specialty tips making your Econoiron Butane powered tools more economical and versatile.

Four brass hot glue gun tips and three different types of glue sticks are also available from Master Appliance. Our Portapro Glue Gun accessories include the general purpose tip, a needle extension tip, a diagonal cut extension tip and a spread extension tip and are perfect for carton closing and woodworking projects.