Heat Guns

Master Heat Guns are the result of more than 60 years of leadership in building rugged, reliable heat guns. Check out our latest models below!

Our selection of handheld electric heat guns range from North America's #1 best selling heavy duty industrial heat gun, The Master HG to the world's most technologically advanced heat gun, the Proheat STC. You can find the Master brand used in some of the most demanding production environments by many of the most well-respected companies worldwide. Heat guns are our specialty and we're here to help you find the one you need. Should you have a question on which electric heat gun is best suited for your application, contact us and a Master heat tool specialist will be glad to assist you!

Master Heat Guns

Master Heat Guns

Varitemp Heat Gun

Varitemp Heat Gun

Proheat Professional Heat Guns

Proheat Professional Heat Guns

Master Appliance is pleased to offer a complete line of compact and easy-to-use heat guns that will make any fabrication or repair job easier and faster than ever before. Our selection of Master Proheat professional heat guns include three models to choose from: PH-1100A, PH-1200A & PH-1400A. Though each Proheat professional heat gun has its own particular set of benefits & technology, they can all be used in a variety of applications. Whether you need to shrink packaging, activate adhesives, bend plastics, strip paint, or spot dry, we have you covered in our collection. Each heat gun is covered under a limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Click on each product to learn more about the Proheat professional heat guns today.

The reason behind the Master Proheat reputation is pure and simple: an ergonomic and lightweight design that reduces operator fatigue overall. Many of the Proheat professional heat guns we offer also come with an assortment of high-quality attachments and features to make easier work out of everyday projects. If you desire more control over the devices you use on a daily basis, consider adding a LCD heat gun to your toolbox. The PH-1400A LCD digital programmable heat gun provides the ultimate flexibility needed to complete a wide range of heat gun projects. If you have any questions about a particular Proheat professional heat gun or would like expert assistance, please call 262-633-7791 to receive further assistance.

Cordless Heat Guns

Cordless Heat Guns

Master-Mite Heat Gun

Master-Mite Heat Gun

Mini Heat Guns

Mini Heat Guns

EC-200 Variable Temp Heat Gun

EC-200 Variable Temp Heat Gun

Surface Temperature Control Heat Guns

Surface Temperature Control Heat Guns

There are many advantages to owning a heat gun, but choosing the right one can be tricky. At Master Appliance, we pay close attention to what professionals need and how we can make our heat gun technology even better. We are pleased to provide the world’s first heat guns with temperature-sensing and control capability. Unlike other heat guns with LCD display that only display temperature at the nozzle, the Proheat 1600 and 1615 STC surface temperature-control heat gun models allow you to sense, display, and control actual surface temperatures. Never before have you been able to display your work surface temperature, dial in a target temperature, and watch the temperature display on your heat sensor gun increase as it approaches the target temperature.

Once the temperature-control heat gun reaches the mark, it will automatically regulate and maintain to ensure optimal performance, compensating for changes in the distance from the work surface by also automatically adjusting the temperature output. This revolutionary technology gives you the special capability of knowing your surface or project temperature at all times, which is especially convenient in temperature-sensitive surface applications. Our Proheat STC is offered with a standard 6 ft or longer 15 ft cord and also has a kit option. Every heat sensor gun is carefully tested and inspected before being shipped from the factory. We warrant every heat gun to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service, for one year from the date of purchase. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us toll-free by calling 800-558-9413 to speak with a customer service representative.

Whether you need to strip paint, shrink film, dry out damp wood, weld plastics, or thaw frozen pipes, Master Appliance has all your needs covered in our collection. We proudly offer a wide range of heat guns that can be used for a variety of projects. In 1958, we introduced the first industrial-quality heat gun to the worldwide marketplace. Today, our electric heat guns are used for drying, heating, shrinking, soldering, welding, and other difficult applications that demand nothing but the highest quality tools. We continually develop new products with expanded capabilities, making it easy to work with new materials and processes used throughout the industry. Explore our selection today to find the right solution.

With a heat gun on hand in your tool collection, you can expand your service offering and generate more business. High-temperature guns can be used to remove stickers in automotive applications, remove old layers of paint in construction applications, defrost frozen pipes in plumbing applications, and so much more. Substances that were once soft or in liquid form can generally be made soft again by using one of our electric heat guns. High-temperature tools make easy work of softening plumber’s putty that has hardened against pipes, tiles, or porcelain. Our selection includes an array of devices to reliably suit your needs, such as variable-temperature, quick-touch, programmable, and more.

If you are looking for an economically priced, multi-use, heavy duty tool, look no further than the Master Heat Gun model. This heat gun has been the world's number 1 professional industrial option for decades. With high temperature, power, and airflow ratings, you can easily and quickly finish a task. We offer a wide range of attachments to make your new tool even more versatile: reducers, reflectors, small spreaders, large spreaders, and other options. We also carry an assortment of replacement parts to help you keep your tools running smoothly. If you have any questions about heat guns, one of our experienced customer service representatives is here to help. Please contact us by calling toll-free at 800-558-9413.

Master Appliance Heat Guns

Master heat gun power tools are used for drying, heating, shrinking, as well as a variety of other applications. Wherever heat is needed, Master Appliance has the heat gun for the application.

The range of options and attachments offered with Master Appliance heat guns enables you to use the newest materials and techniques while relying on our traditional quality and durability.

Because each application is unique, our Master heat guns offer options such as varying temperatures, air flow, choice of nozzle configurations, and voltage/plug combinations to meet your needs.  We have a large variety of product categories depending on your application.

The Master Heat Gun

Heat Guns from Master Appliance are a professional quality, heavy-duty, multiple use heat tool.  High temperature and power ratings up to 1000°F / 540°C  at 1,740 watts and high airflow ratings 23 CFM at 3,000 FPM mean jobs get done fast! 

The powerful, high speed, universal motor is reliable and perfectly balanced. There is none better made. The sturdy die cast aluminum housing gives the protection needed against hard knocks in the shop. Not to mention, it is lightweight to reduce arm fatigue. The contoured, comfort-fit handle gives the operator a secure grip and balance – at all times.  It ensures firm, positive control of the heat gun.

A convenient 3-way switch provides the option of hot, cold, or off at the flick of a finger.  A quiet, efficient turbo-fan cools the motor and delivers the correct heat and air velocity where you need it. A big 1 3/16” diameter nozzle is designed to direct a powerful flow of heat on the exact area you want and accommodates a variety of versatile attachments.

“Master Heat Guns are compact, portable, and most importantly economical for your needs”

The quickest way to get instant heat up to 1000°F WHEN you need it and WHERE you need it. They are rugged and quality built for 1001 uses on:

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Adhesives
  • Instruments
  • Glass apparatus

A wide selection of easy-to-use snap-on attachments makes it extremely versatile. The standard of industry. One of the hot ideas from Master.


Master Varitemp Heat Guns

Varitemp Heat Guns are the variable temperature version of the industry standard Master Heat Gun. This model features variable temperature control. You can dial in any temperature from ambient to 1000°F (538°C).

  • Like the Master Heat Gun, the Varitemp Model offers the following features:
  • Non-slip, adjustable stand for up to 90° rotation
  • Oil-resistant, grounded, neoprene rubber 3-wire cordset
  • Off-cool-hot switch that eliminates residual heat
  • Double-protected element housing
  • Contoured handle
  • Complete line of attachments that add versatility
  • The Varitemp is also available in a deluxe version that features:
  • Deluxe, extremely stable, adjustable, metal stand with non-slip rubber feet
  • Adjustable slide handle with ergonomic grip

The deluxe adjustable stand makes positioning the Varitemp in many angles easy for hands-free or hands-on use.  It’s perfect for bench top or hand-held use in manufacturing or repair operations. The Varitemp is ideal for applications such as heating thermoset resins or potting compounds and in the laboratory, where exact and constant temperatures are required.


Master Proheat Heat Guns

A complete line of compact, lightweight, easy-to-use heat guns that makes any job easier and faster. Six models to choose from: momentary contact switch, two heat, variable temperature, and variable temperature and airflow.  In addition there are two LCD Models; the Proheat LCD programmable and the Proheat LCD Dial-in (request a Proheat LCD brochure).

Proheat® Quick Touch™  - Model PH-1000

Proheat® Quick Touch™ generate fast, powerful heat up to 840°F at 15 CFM and 3584 FPM.  They feature a momentary contact switch, which automatically shuts off the heat gun when the operator releases the switch. The balanced, ergonomic design prevents operator fatigue during repetitive operations.  The Quick Touch provides a quick burst of heated air and are perfect for shrink packaging applications in the retail environment.

Use this momentary contact model for ease of use during temperature sensitive applications such as shrinking packaging.  Hot air is on when the switch is pressed; hot air is off when the switch is released.

Use it to:

  • Shrink packaging
  • Activate adhesives
  • Bend plastics
  • Dry filler material
  • Shrink tubing and more


Proheat  - Model PH-1100

Proheat Heat Guns are rugged dual temperature heat tool.  This heat gun with temperature settings of 430°F and 840°F (221°C and 449°C); and airflow of 15 CFM at 3650 FPM meets the requirements of most materials.  The large variety of available attachments makes the Proheat are adaptable for a wide variety of uses including aircraft and marine applications.

The Proheat features a DC permanent magnet motor that is compatible with all electrical frequencies.  The compact, ergonomically designed plastic housing, enclosed ceramic heating element, and wrap around air intake assure you of a lightweight (1 lb. 10 oz.), easy-to-use source of flameless heat whether you’re working with:

  • Shrinkable packaging materials
  • Spot drying paint
  • Stripping paint
  • Bending plastics / laminates
  • Activating adhesives


Proheat Varitemp - Model PH-1200

Proheat Varitemp Heat Guns are compact, variable temperature control heat tool.  This easy-to-use heat gun offers all the features of the Proheat , plus variable temperature control that allows the user to dial in any temperature from ambient to 840°F (449°C). The airflow rating is 15 CFM at 3650 FPM.  Its thermostatic control maintains the pre-selected temperature and prevents heat back-up or overheating when airflow is restricted. 

The Proheat Varitemp Heat Gun is suited to applications such as:

  • Activating adhesives
  • Potting compounds
  • Setting and curing adhesives and epoxy resins

It is ideal for use in confined spaces or for applications where its lightweight construction can prevent operator fatigue.


Proheat LCD

Proheat LCD Heat Guns are compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use, professional quality heat tool. They feature a LCD display of temperature and air flow.  The adjustable heat in 10°F increments from 130°F to 1000°F and adjustable air flow from 4 to 16 CFM provide fast, reliable, repeatable flameless heat.  They are available in programmable or dial-in setting versions. 

Each model provides powerful, accurate, controllable heat and air flow to get the job done right.  The electronic temperature control system maintains constant temperature when varying air flow or using attachments. 

Value added features include:

  • Lockable temperature and air flow controls
  • A power interrupt reset feature that prevents unattended products from resuming heat after a power failure
  • Ability to display temperatures in either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius

A broad range of optional attachments make the Proheat LCD perfect for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Heating
  • Shrinking
  • Drying
  • Activating adhesives
  • Soldering
  • Desoldering
  • Plastic welding and more


Proheat LCD Dial-In - Model PH-1400

Proheat LCD Dial-In Heat Guns feature variable temperature and variable air flow and also provide the user with convenient LCD display of temperature and airflow. Very easy to use.  Just dial-in temperatures in 10° increments from 130°F - 1000°F (50°C - 540°C) and adjustable air flow from 4 to 16 CFM (113 – 453 l/min). 

Other features include:

  • A supervisor temperature and airflow lock-in feature that enables a supervisor to lock-in specific temperatures
  • Airflows prevent the changing of settings between production runs
  • A closed loop temperature control system that maintains constant temperature and prevents heat back-up when using restrictive attachments
  • An exclusive power interrupt reset feature that prevents unattended products from resuming heat after a power failure

Use the Proheat LCD to heat or dry:

  • Temperature sensitive materials
  • Shrink tubing
  • Shrink packaging
  • Shrink specialty connectors
  • Solder and desolder
  • Bend plastics
  • Activate adhesives
  • Remove and install decals
  • Defrost frozen pipes and more


Proheat LCD Programmable - Model PH-1500

The Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Guns provide the user with six preset temperature and airflow factory settings with LCD display of temperature and air flow.  The preset factory settings remove the guess work of identifying the right temperature and air flow settings giving the user a good starting point.  Users can also program in and save their own settings for those applications they want to repeat. 

A temperature & air flow lock-in feature allows supervisors to lock-in (and unlock when necessary) specific temperature and airflow settings to prevent changes during production. This feature is perfect for production applications requiring the consistent application of the right heat and air flow.


Ecoheat Heat Guns

Ecoheat Heat Guns are economically priced, lightweight, multi-use heat tool. The Ecoheat features two heat settings of 500°F and 1000°F at two fan speeds of 7 and 9 CFM.  It is lightweight (1 lb.) and easy to hold at any angle for long periods of time, eliminating operator fatigue. It has a built-in hand guard which protects the hand and fingers and a recessed switch, which is protected from unintentional knocks and bumps. The unit is cULus listed and has a 3-wire grounded cordset and a high impact, durable housing for user safety.  The built-in stand is very stable and allows the user to set the heat gun down in an upright position.

It is available individually or as a kit with a storage / carrying case including four specialized attachments. 

The attachments include:

  • Reducer
  • Reflector
  • Small spreader
  • Large spreader 


Master-Mite Heat Guns

Master-Mite Heat Guns are lightweight, complete with a bench top heating system, equipped to perform jobs without excess airflow.  They come standard with an adjustable stand, a standard 650°F (343°C) heating element and a heat shrink attachment.  The air flow rating is 3.8 CFM and 700 FPM.

Weighing only 28 ounces, the Master-Mite can be hand-held for jobs such as vinyl repair or drying film without causing operator fatigue.  The adjustable stand allows the operator to work with both hands free.

The quiet operation and low power draw, (4.5 amps, maximum) of the brushless, continuous duty motor assures you of a quiet work environment.