Portapro Glue Gun

Master Appliance's PortaPro glue guns provide the ultimate solution for any continuous heating requirements. However, you may need more versatility when it comes to commercial and industrial adhesive applications. Between specially formulated glue sticks and specialty attachments, finding the glue gun accessories you need can be difficult. Luckily, we offer a wide selection of PortaPro glue gun accessories and large glue sticks that are compatible with all the PortaPro glue gun models we supply.

We carry a wide variety of PortaPro glue gun accessories to choose from, so you can find the attachment you need or stock up on them all to be prepared for any project that comes your way. Our spreader extension features a broad tip to ensure wider coverage when filling gaps or bonding large surfaces. Our needle extension is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces and areas that need to be bonded and joined. Our diagonal cut extension is perfect for gluing on irregularly shaped surfaces. Our general-purpose attachment tip can be used to bond corrugated paper, chipboard, wood, plastics, electrical potting, carpeting, and other materials.

We also supply heat-activated adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives have many advantages over solvent-based adhesives or other fasteners used in the workplace, because it dries fast and strong to reduce downtime or delay. When working with cartons, crafts, furniture, POP displays, and other materials or substrates, you will need heat-activated glue to get the job done right. We offer a wide selection of large glue sticks for carton-closing, woodworking, and other purposes. Choose between our 12-count packages and 20-pound cartons for any type of glue gun application.

No matter what kind of attachment tip or extension you are looking for, we have your needs covered in our collection of glue gun accessories. With our heavy-duty PortaPro glue gun and the right attachments, you can ensure a consistent and uniform bond each and every time. If you have any questions about our PortaPro accessories and attachments, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance. Call 800-558-9413 today to speak to a customer service representative.