Plastic Welding Kit

When it comes to thermoplastic fabrication, glue doesn't always suffice. Plastic welding provides a clean, professional finish when you work with various thermoplastics, such as automotive and agricultural equipment, boating materials, and other surfaces. To achieve a quality weld, you must have all the necessary supplies on hand. Master Appliance is proud to be your top destination for high-quality heat gun tools and attachments. We have all your needs covered in this selection of plastic welding kit attachments and tools. We keep our inventory stocked with lap welding slits, butt welding heat discs, reducers, and much more. With quality plastic welding kit accessories at the ready, you can find everything you need by shopping from our selection today.

We offer a wide range of attachments to make your new plastic welding kit even more versatile. Do you frequently work with two or more materials? Lap welding can be used to join metal, plastic, and wood. We stock a variety of lap welding reduction nozzles, so you can provide a concentrated stream of hot air for optimal precision. Butt welding is the most universal joint used to fabricate welded pipe systems. We offer butt welding heat discs and other parts that are great for use with PH-1200, PH-1400, PH-1400K, PH-1500, PH-1500K, and other variable heat gun models.

Wherever continuous, tight weld seams are required, roller seam welding may be the solution you need. Make spot welding fast and easy with the help of our seam roller with ball bearings. We also keep our selection stocked with an array of plastic welding rods of varying sizes and materials, so you can find the right diameter to suit your particular set of needs. ABS welding rods are frequently used to fabricate pipes, fittings, valve bodies, and material handling equipment. HDPE welding rods are preferred for fabricating pipe systems, ducts, tanks, and more. We also carry LDPE, PVC, and polypropylene rods.

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