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Crimp Tools

Master Wire Crimping Tools

Wire crimping tools are used for cutting and stripping both solid and stranded wires, and for crimping the crimp barrels used in various types of connectors. Multi-purpose wire crimping tools provide all three functions, and full cycle ratcheting crimpers provide full cycle ratcheting to ensure a complete crimp.

Master Cutter, Stripper, Wire Crimping Tool

The Master Cutter, Stripper, Crimper is a multi-purpose hand tool, which cuts, strips and crimps stranded wire in 22 to 10 AWG sizes and solid wire in 18 to 8 AWG sizes.  There are two precision ground wire cutters: one up-front anvil type cutter and a scissors type cutter located behind the pivot point.  This tool can cut 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, and 4-40 bolts and screws. 

The scissor action wire stripper is precision ground for accuracy and clean, neat stripping.  The handle is cushioned for user comfort and made of heat treated tool steel for long life, reliability, and accuracy.  Use for crimping heat seal crimp connectors.

Master Full Cycle Ratcheting / Wire Crimping Tool

The Master Full Cycle Ratcheting Crimper crimps 22-18, 16-14, and 12-10 AWG size connectors.  The full cycle ratcheting handle ensures a complete crimp.  The crimp die area is rounded for use on heat shrinkable insulated terminals and connectors.

Industry standard color coded crimp numbers are provided for easy size identification.  This tool is made from heat-treated steel for long life and reliability and has a cushioned handle for user comfort.  Use for crimping heat seal crimp connectors.