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Master Full Cycle Ratcheting Crimp Tool



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Whether you are a professional electronic technician or a hobbyist that frequently works with crimp connectors, a quality crimping tool is key to getting the job done accurately and efficiently. Luckily, Master Appliance's ratcheting crimp tool provides an affordable solution that doesn't cut corners on value and reliability. The Master full-cycle ratcheting crimp tool is made of heat-treated steel to ensure long life and precise crimps with each and every use as well as maximum durability and a high-performance feel. With comfortable, cushioned handles, you will also experience less hand fatigue while producing consistent, dependable terminations every time. This versatile tool is the perfect solution when working with thick insulation, plumbing pipes or fittings, automotive wiring, network cables, security applications, and more.


Master Appliance is committed to producing and supplying heavy-duty tools of the highest quality, and our ratcheting crimp tool is no exception. Each Master full-cycle ratcheting crimp tool comes fully equipped with color-coded crimp numbers to make size identification easier than ever before. The full-cycle ratcheting mechanism of this tool ensures a non-slip environment and complete crimp, with adjustable crimping compression to help you accommodate a wide variety of applications. From customizing cables to working with heat shrink terminals, we have all your needs covered with this multipurpose tool. If you have any questions about this product or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance. Our customer service representatives can help you find the perfect tool for any job!

  • Crimps 22-18, 16-14 and 12-10 AWG size crimp connectors
  • Rounded crimp die area for insulated terminals
  • Color-coded crimp numbers for easy size identification
  • Full-cycle ratcheting handle ensures a complete crimp
  • Made from heat-treated steel for long life
  • Comfortable cushioned handle