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Multiseal™ Connector Assortment Kits


Finding high-quality heat shrink crimp connectors for electrical applications is now easier than ever before. We proudly supply the finest crimp, solder and seal connectors on the market, so you can stock up, save, and make electrical work a breeze for all your future projects. Each heat shrink connector kit is crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for strength and conductivity, as well as heat-sealed for superior durability. Whether you are looking for a particular barrel crimp splice for a specific wiring configuration or an assortment of colors and gauges to eliminate the guesswork, we have all your needs covered in our Multiseal connector kit. We offer two different kits to choose from, so you can find the best solution at an unbeatable price.

Where there can't be any margin of error, our crimp, solder and seal connectors are the ideal solution. Compared to vinyl and nylon wire connectors, heat shrink crimp connectors provide a waterproof connection and will protect against corrosion for many years to come, but that's not all. These butt splice connectors will also resist condensation, salt, and other contaminants that can cause problems. Every heat shrink connector kit is designed to meet or exceed most OEM standards, so you can invest with confidence and make quality electrical connections with the utmost precision. The Multiseal connector kit has been used in agricultural, automotive, electrical, electronic, and marine applications, but the possibilities are endless. If you have any questions about Multiseal connectors, please feel free to contact us today.

High Quality Crimp, Solder & Heat-Seal Connector Kits and Refills

  • Crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for strength and conductivity, and heat sealed for superior durability
  • Prevents opening of connector barrel for stronger crimp
  • Low Temperature pre-measured solder with flux for greater tensile strength and superior current flow
  • Uniform adhesive flow does not overflow onto terminal to impede contact
  • Heat shrink tubing does not reduce in length creating better insulation along with superior wire support and strain relief
  • Translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin shrink tubing - Allows visual inspection, prevents wire corrosion, and provides a water and contaminant resistant seal
  • Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint - Provides easy identification of the correct part for the job
  • Superior integrity of electrical systems - Sealed electrical systems ensure the original integrity of wire connections and wiring harnesses and conforms with OEM standards. 103 lbs tensile strength
  • Refills available in bags of of 50
11823 Multiseal Butt Splice MiniPak, 3 items, 50 pcs.
11824 Multiseal Large Assortment Kit, 20 items, 120 pcs.


11823 - Multiseal Butt Splice Connector Minipak
Description Qty
18-20 AWG, Red 20
14-16 AWG, Blue 20
10-12 AWG, Yellow 10
3 items and 50 pieces


11824 Multiseal Connector Kit


18-20 AWG, #6 Stud, Red
18-20 AWG, #10 Stud, Red
14-16 AWG, #10 Stud, Blue
14-16 AWG, 1/4" Stud, Blue
14-16 AWG, 3/8" Stud, Blue
10-12 AWG, #10 Stud, Yellow
10-12 AWG, 1/4" Stud, Yellow
10-12 AWG, 3/8" Stud, Yellow
10-12 AWG, 1/2" Stud, Yellow
18-20 AWG, #10, Red
14-16 AWG, #10, Blue
10-12 AWG, #10, Yellow
22-24 AWG, Clear
18-20 AWG, Red
14-16 AWG, Blue
10-12 AWG, Yellow
18-20 AWG, Female, 1/4" Tab, Red
14-16 AWG Female, 1/4" Tab, Blue
18-20 AWG, Male, 1/4" Tab, Red
14-16 AWG Male, 1/4" Tab, Blue
20 items and 120 pieces


Temperature rating: -67°F to 230°F
-55°C to 110°C
Longitudinal change: +1, -10%
Recovery temperature: 275°F / 135°C
Dialectic strength: 900 Volts/Mil.
UL Voltage Rating: 600 Volts
Corrosion resistance: Non-corrosive
Fungus resistance: Non-nutrient
Water absorbtion: <0.1%
103 lbs tensile strength. Crimp - Solder- Heat Seal for a maximum strength connection. Crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for strength and conductivity, and heat sealed for superior durability.
product_downloads:MSDS Master Shrink Tubing 2014

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