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Ultratane Butane Fuel

10449 (36 Pack of 2 oz size cans)


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Butane Fuel Refills for use with all Master butane powered micro torches and soldering irons

Butane-powered soldering irons, and torches are some of the most versatile tools a professional can have, and they provide excellent cost-saving benefits compared to electric irons and other tools. However, nothing can work across applications without the appropriate type and level of fuel. We proudly offer butane fuel refills for the entire selection of cordless butane soldering irons, flameless butane tools, and butane torches available at Master Appliance. This triple refined formula consists of liquefied petroleum gas, which was developed to reduce clogging of fuel filters and promote consistent ignition for the lifespan of your heat tool. Ultratane® butane fuel contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and comes in two convenient sizes, so you never miss an opportunity to use your Master butane-powered products.

With the right type of fuel, your favorite tools to use can perform a wide variety of tasks. Our Ultratane® butane fuel is the cleanest burning butane fuel on the market and has been used by thousands of satisfied customers throughout the USA. Butane-powered heat tools have the distinct advantage of being completely cordless, so you can move from one application to the next without worrying about portability and reaching a specific range of required heat. Many of the storage and carrying cases that come with our heat guns, soldering irons, and torches contain additional slots, so you can keep extra butane fuel on hand for emergencies. Please don't hesitate to contact us or one of our distributors today to learn more about ordering Ultratane® butane fuel. One of our representatives is here to help!

Master Appliance offers butane fuel refills for all of its multifunctional, portable soldering irons, flameless butane tools, and butane micro torches. The butane refills help our tools perform a variety of tasks... from soldering and desoldering, shrinking and terminating insulated solder prefoms, and environmental splices. Master is proud to supply the cleanest burning butane fuel on the market to thousands of satisfied users throughout the USA! 

  • TRIPLE REFINED FORMULA reduces clogging of filters
  • Special vapor pressure promotes consistent ignition
  • Contains no CFC’s, canister includes single-piece universal filling tip
  • Recommended butane for refilling all Ultratorch® & Master Butane-powered products
  • Two convenient sizes
  • 10449 meet limited quantity class markings and can be shipped via ground transportation without hazardous material charges


51773   5 1/8 oz. (145 gram) canister

10449  2 oz. (56.5 gram) canister

Triple Refined Ultratane Butane (Please contact one of our many approved distributors to purchase)
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