Heat Activated Materials

Master offers a selection of glue sticks to accompany its PortaPro butane glue guns and plastic welding rods to accompany the PH-1400WK plastic welding kit. With the glue sticks, bond corrugated material, fasten plastics and textiles, glue down carpeting, reseal packaging and more. Master's welding rods are perfect for welding flooring, pendulum welding and speed welding. Should you have questions about which heat activated material is best for your application, reach out to us and we'll be glad to help!

Glue Sticks

Glue Sticks

In recent years, glue has quickly surpassed and replaced other joining methods, because it ensures strong adhesion to a variety of substrates and components. Whether you specialize in carton sealing, woodworking, crafting, product assembly, carpet installation, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, electrical potting, or general manufacturing, the right adhesive is critical to your output as well as the quality of your finished products and services. At Master Appliance, we supply heavy-duty, heat-activated glue sticks that are designed to meet the specific performance requirements of many projects. Each small package comes with 12 large glue sticks. Alternatively, you can stock up for future applications by choosing a 20-pound carton to have on hand. Explore our selection today to find the best solution for an excellent price.

All the adhesives we offer are specially formulated and have a characteristically long shelf life. Each glue stick measures 12-inches long and is completely compatible with our cordless, butane-powered glue guns. Our selection includes general-purpose adhesive for a variety of applications, such as automotive, industrial, furniture, models, DIY, hobby, laminates, electronics, floor coverings, and so much more. We also offer woodworking glue sticks that are useful for furniture production, home décor, composite bonding, wood repairs, and an array of carpentry projects. When it comes to carton closing, our heat-activated glue sticks provide the perfect solution for sealing paper, cardboard, and other packaging materials.

Depending on the substrates being bonded and joined, you can easily find the solution you need in our broad selection of glue sticks. In addition to bonding surfaces together, highly viscous, heat-activated glue sticks can also be used to fill gaps, repair foam, and bond most porous surfaces. No matter what kind of application or project you have to look forward to, we have all your needs covered in our glue stick collection. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us to learn more. Call 800-558-9413 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today!

Plastic Welding Rods

Plastic Welding Rods

Need a super strong hold on your pipe or sheeting? You have come to the right place. Master Appliance carries a wide variety of plastic welding rods, such as ABS, HDPE, LPDE, PP, and PVC. Each package comes with 16 welding rods to keep you stocked and prepared for any project that comes your way. Before placing your order, keep in mind that you must only adhere like plastics to each other to ensure a strong and consistent weld. For example, polypropylene should only be welded to polypropylene. Our selection includes ABS welding rods, HDPE welding rods, and other types of thermoplastic rods.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a type of thermoplastic that is made from petroleum, and it is one of the easiest thermoplastics to weld in a wide variety of applications. Our HDPE welding rods have excellent resistance to abrasion and impact, as well as high tensile strength and low water absorption. Plus, each HDPE rod features a black pigment, so you can achieve less visible repair when you weld black HDPE plastic. Polypropylene (PP) is also an easy thermoplastic to weld and can be used for many different projects. As the most dimensionally stable polyolefin, PP plastic welding rods are ideal for fabrication of ductwork, fume hoods, and plating equipment.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is an opaque type of thermoplastic. ABS welding rods strike the perfect balance of properties at an economical price point and can be used to produce chemical processing equipment, plastic tanks, and more. With a bundle of the welding rods made from the right material, you can freely fabricate bins, laboratory vessels, and other kinds of equipment. If you have any questions about our selection, please contact us today!

Having the right supplies on hand is critical to the success and consistency of any thermal joining application. That's precisely why Master Appliance offers a wide variety of heat-activated materials. We carry a broad selection of large glue sticks and plastic welding rods to ensure that you can find what you need for any type of job or application. When working with cartons, crafts, furniture, POP displays, and other products or substrates, our selection of heat-activated glue is the perfect place to search for specially formulated adhesives. We carry carton-closing, general-purpose, and woodworking glue sticks in convenient 12-count packages or 20-pound cartons. No matter what kind of materials you require, we have all your needs covered in our collection.

Many of the products we use today have components that are made from plastics. In the automotive market alone, bumpers, grilles, spoilers, light surrounds, and body panels are all typically made of plastic in order to retain impact resistance and eliminate corrosion. Plastic offers the structural integrity of steel, but it is still susceptible to damage. Where welding is possible, our plastic welding rods provide the perfect solution. We offer ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PVC welding rods to help you create a permanent bond as well as a smooth, continuous weld. HDPE and PP rods are some of the easiest to weld, whereas ABS rods provide reliable cost-saving benefits. Each package we sell comes with 16 welding rods, and we offer an array of colors to choose from.

If you are looking for heat-activated materials that are held to the highest standards of quality, you have come to the right place. Whether you specialize in carton sealing, woodworking, product assembly, electrical potting, or general manufacturing, we are here to help. Before finalizing your order, please keep in mind that you must only adhere like plastics to each other to ensure a strong and consistent weld. For example, polypropylene should only be welded to polypropylene. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our customer service representatives would be happy to help you find the best heat-activated materials for your project. Call 800-558-9413 today for additional information or further assistance.