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The Industrial Master "D-Series" Heat Gun

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"There's only ONE Master Heat Gun. Industry's professional heat gun of choice for the last 65 years."

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  • Introducing the new optimized Master D Series Heat Gun! The Master Heat Tool Experts took your favorite heat gun, upped the game on its performance metrics and optimized the design to make it more comfortable to hold and easier to service
  • Upgraded long-life universal motor delivers 2X PLUS run life
  • High 27 CFM and 3400 FPM airflow gets the job done even faster than before
  • Quick-change plug-in heating element
  • Optimized design for improved serviceability
  • Redesigned ergonomic soft grip handle maximizes user comfort
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum housing will hold up in even the most demanding work environments
  • Non-slip, reinforced stand offers stable 90-degree adjustability
  • New variable temperature dial for VT Models offers lockable temperature capability
  • Full selection of replacement part kits for easy serviceability
  • Designed and assembled by Master Appliance Corp, Racine, WI. USA
  • This heat gun was designed to be versatile for use in hundreds of applications: bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts, heat parts, shrink tubing and packaging, strip paint and much, much more
  • Optional Momentary Contact Switch turns heat gun off when operator is not pressing it. Call for details.
  • Users should independently evaluate the suitability of the product for their application


  • Kit Includes:
  • (1) NEW Fully Optimized Heavy Duty Master Heat Gun
  • (1) A-160-HG Shrink Attachment
  • (1) 51543 Spreader Attachment
  • (1) 51544 Reducer Attachment
  • (1) Rugged Plastic Storage/Carrying Case

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Professional Quality, Heavy-Duty, Industrial, Multiple Use Heat Guns & Kits

The Master Heat Gun was the first industrial quality heat gun introduced to the worldwide marketplace in 1958. Throughout the last 60+ years, the Master Heat Gun could be found in use in some of the most demanding industrial and commercial environments throughout North America. Today you will find the Master name in the best-of-breed Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Packaging, Electronic, and Technology manufacturers worldwide.  In this latest "D-Series" HG & VT release, we took the best of our most rugged, reliable heat gun and made it EVEN BETTER for you.

INTRODUCING the NEW Master "D-Series" Heat Gun: The most durable, long-lasting heat gun of its kind. The new Master D Series industrial heat guns are a part of an extensive history of high end, heavy duty, professional heat guns engineered and assembled by the Master Heat Tool experts at their Wisconsin, USA headquarters. The die cast aluminum housing D-Series HG heat gun exceeds industry standards for performance, reliability and reparability. Delivering 2X PLUS motor run life from a powerful high-speed universal motor, industry best 27 CFM airflow at 3400 fpm, balanced airflow over the heating element for maximum heating efficiency, fixed air intake for temperature consistency, quick-change plug-in heating elements, and a complete offering of repair part kits for quick, easy service. This heat gun is available in 4 different temperature ratings: 400F, 800F, 1200F, 1400F (when measured at the element) and one fully variable temperature heat gun offering 100F to 1200F temperature adjustment.

What did we improve?: NEW in the D-Series Master Heat Gun

  • Quick-change plug-in heating element with even airflow over the element for maximum heating efficiency
  • Upgraded long-life universal motor delivering 2X PLUS run life 
  • Higher 27 CFM at a higher 3400 FPM, gets the job done FASTER than ever before
  • The HOT ONE: We created a new maximum temperature model, the HG-801D, draws 18.5 Amps and reaches 1400F making it the HOTTEST handheld heat gun on the market, bar none
  • New Variable Temperature Dial on our VT Model that is lockable 
  • Redesigned ergonomic soft grip handle maximizing user comfort for those long days of tireless use
  • Optimized design for easier serviceability than ever before!

We added all these improvements while still keeping your favorite rugged die cast aluminum housing, 90 degree adjustable non-slip rubber-backed base and stainless steel attachments.  Making this D-Series the best longest lasting, most versatile and easiest serviced professional heat gun on the market. 



When it comes to the best heat guns, industry professionals turn to Master Appliance in their times of need. Our heavy-duty heat guns have become the choice of professionals throughout many industries.  This versatile heat gun is ideal for a wide array of uses: shrink wrap, shrink tubing, shrink waterproof electric wire connectors, butt splice terminals, shrink packaging, bend plastics, bend PVC, weld plastics, join tarps, soften adhesives, dry and heat parts, strip paint, restore trim, defrost frozen pipes, heat sensitive materials, upholstery furniture, solder, de-solder, embossing, window tinting, car wrapping, automotive bumper repair, dent removal, vinyl and leather repair, loosen rusty screws and bolts, remove decals, labels and stickers, remove old flooring, wax surfboards, snowboards or skis, dry wet wood, dry paint, This list goes on. This master heat gun is designed for long term, quality use in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments.

If you are looking for nothing but the best heat guns for your business, our Master heat tools are the most reliable on the market. Each heavy-duty heat gun we offer is carefully tested and inspected before being shipped from the factory. We also warrant every industrial heat gun to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service, for one year from the date of purchase. Shop with peace of mind and find the best model or voltage rating for you and your business or home. Please contact a Master heat tool expert for any questions you may have. 


Q: "I have an old model of the Master Heat Gun and would like to replace it with a new model with the same specs, what do it get?" 

A: The replacement chart looks like this:   

                                                              Old HG Model    New HG Model

                                                                  HG-201A     ->    HG-201D

                                                                  HG-301A     ->    HG-301D

                                                                  HG-501A     ->    HG-501D

                                                                  HG-751B     ->    HG-501D

                                                                  VT-750C      ->    VT-751D 

Q: "I am looking for the Variable Temperature version of this heat gun, where do i find it?"

A: You can purchase it from its own dedicated product page (click here)




HG-201D 400°F 204°C 120V 60Hz 5A 600W 30087
HG-301D 800°F 426°C 120V 60Hz 12A 1440W 30085
HG-501D 1200°F 649°C 120V 60Hz 14.5A 1740W 30083
HG-801D 1400°F 760°C 120V 60Hz 18.5A 2220W


VT-751D 100-1200°F 38-649°C 120V 60Hz 14.5A 1740W




HG-201D-00-K 400°F 204°C 120V 60Hz 5A 600W 30087
HG-301D-00-K 800°F 426°C 120V 60Hz 12A 1440W 30085
HG-501D-00-K 1200°F 649°C 120V 60Hz 14.5A 1740W 30083
VT-751D-00-K 100-1200°F 38-649°C 120V 60Hz 14.5A 1740W 30083



HG-202D 400°F 204°C 220V 50Hz 3A 660W 30088
HG-302D 800°F 426°C 220V 50Hz 6A 1320W 30086
HG-502D 1200°F 649°C 220V 50Hz 9A 1980W 30084
VT-752D 100-1200°F 38-649°C 220V 50Hz 9A 1980W 30084
Avg. Air Volume: 27 CFM Dimensions: 9" L x 5.2" W x 10.1" H
Avg. Air Velocity: 3400 FPM Cordset: 6 ft., 3-wire grounded
Motor: Universal Net Weight - Single Unit 3.7 lbs., Kit: 8 lbs.
Nozzle Opening: 1.2" Diameter I.D. Shipping Weight - Single Unit: 5 lbs., Kit: 10 lbs.
120V Models CULus  

The Industrial Master "D-Series" Heat Gun

The Master Heat Gun is the result of more than 58 years of leadership in building rugged, reliable heat guns. Industrial quality and high performance, the Master Heat Gun is the overwhelming industry choice in heavy duty industrial h

The Master D-Series Heat Gun has been the leading industrial heat gun for 60+ years. Its rugged die cast aluminum housing, universal motor and ease of serviceability make it a favorite among industry professionals worldwide. You can purchase this hea