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Masterflow Heat Blowers

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High 47 CFM Airflow, Quiet Running Brushless Motor For Continuous Use

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  • Brushless motor for quiet, continuous duty use
  • Produces high volume of hot air, 47 CFM of air output
  • 90 degree adjustable, non-slip stand
  • 6 models to choose from with varying heat and voltages
  • Our models AH-751 and AH-752 draw 18 amps of power so they come standard with a 20 Amp NEMA Plug
  • Engineered and assembled in the USA using domestic and foreign parts


  • Kit Includes:
  • (1) Masterflow Heat Blower

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Heavy-duty, industrial quality, continuous duty heat blower


Would you like the freedom to bend plastics, dry materials, strip paint, heat materials, and mount over machinery? Master Appliance has the ultimate solution for you in stock. The Masterflow heat blower features a brushless motor for quiet, continuous duty operation and produces a high volume of hot air for demanding industrial applications. Thanks to a high airflow output at 47 CFM, this industrial heat blower out performs the competition. Each model comes with a 90-degree adjustable stand, so you can use it in any position or mount it on your equipment for continuous heat. All Masterflow heat blowers come with rubber-backed stands that permit 90—degree non-slip adjustability to improve operational safety and comfort-balanced handle for carrying or portable use.


There are six models of Masterflow heat blowers to choose from, so you can find the best solution to complete fabrication and business or home repair projects with ease. Our 120V models include the AH-301, AH-501, and AH-751, our selection covers a range of temperatures to accommodate many heating, drying, and shrinking applications. Our 230V models include the AH-302, AH-502, and AH-752. Every model we offer comes equipped with a thermal fuse which will protect the element from overheating or burning out due to nozzle blockage or motor failure. With a Masterflow heat blower on hand, you can get a fast flow of heated air for a variety of applications:

  • shrinking heat-shrinkable material
  • shrinking sleeves over wires, harnesses, and bottle caps
  • drying inks or paints on silk screen, posters, fabrics, and papers

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us today for additional information or further assistance.


AH-301 300°F 150°C 120V 10.0A 1200 W 60 Hz
AH-501 500°F 260°C 120V 14.0A 1680 W 60 Hz
AH-751 * 750°F 400°C 120V 18.0A 2160 W 60 Hz


AH-302 300°F 150°C 240V 5.2A 1200 W 50/60 Hz
AH-502 500°F 260°C 240V 7.3A 1680 W 50/60 Hz
AH-752 750°F 400°C 240V 9.4A 2160 W 50/60 Hz
Avg. Air Volume: 47 CFM Nozzle O.D.: 2.6"
Avg. Air Velocity: 2200 FPM Nozzle Opening: 1.8"
Motor: Induction Cordset: 6 ft., 3-wire grounded
Base Size: 6" x 6" Net Weight: 6 lbs.
Dimensions: 12" L x 6" W x 9" H, 
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.

Masterflow Heat Blowers

The Masterflow Heat Blower has a brushless motor for continuous duty operation. High air flow output at 47 CFM blows away the competition. 90 degree adjustable stand, use it in any position or mount it on equipment for continuous heat.