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Proheat Heat Guns

Master Appliance is pleased to offer a complete line of compact and easy-to-use heat guns that will make any fabrication or repair job easier and faster than ever before. Our selection of Master Proheat tools includes six models to choose from: momentary contact switch, two heat, variable temperature, airflow, and two LCD models. Though each Proheat heat gun has its own particular set of benefits, they can all be used in a variety of applications. Whether you need to shrink packaging, activate adhesives, bend plastics, strip paint, or spot dry, we have you covered in our collection. Each heat gun is covered under a full warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Click on each product to learn more about Quick-Touch, Dualtemp, Varitemp, and LCD Proheat heat guns today.

The reason behind the Master Proheat reputation is pure and simple: an ergonomic and lightweight design that reduces operator fatigue overall. Many of the Proheat heat guns we offer also come with an assortment of high-quality attachments and features to make easier work out of everyday projects. If you desire more control over the devices you use on a daily basis, consider adding an LCD heat gun to your toolbox. Both the 1400 LCD dial-in and the 1500 LCD programmable heat guns provide the ultimate flexibility needed to complete a wide range of heat gun projects. If you have any questions about a particular Proheat heat gun or would like expert assistance, please call 800-558-9413 to receive further assistance.