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Master Propane Torch Head PT-2000Si

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  • Master's PT-2000Si Propane Torch Head is a heavy duty, high intensity hand held blow torch with a push button igniter
  • Can be used with Propane Fuel (flame burns at 3600F) or MAPP Gas (flame burns at 3730F
  • Cast aluminum housing built to last
  • Ergonomic handle design for a comfortable grip
  • Safety lock to help prevent accidental ignition
  • Flame lock push button keeps flame active for continuous use
  • Use with standard propane or MAPP gas cylinders on the market


  • (1) PT-2000Si Propane/MAPP Gas Torch

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The Master PT-2000Si Propane Torch Head is a heavy duty, high intensity, self igniting torch head that can be used with Propane or MAPP gas (propane flame burns at 3600F and a MAPP gas flame burns at 3730F).

It's a versatile heating tool designed for a variety of applications. Whether you need to solder pipes, thaw frozen pipes, remove paint or perform other heating tasks, the PT-2000Si is a reliable and 

efficient tool that can get the job done quickly and easily.

PT-2000Si Torch Key Features

  • Durable cast aluminum body built to last
  • Reliable piezo ignition for instant flame
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Safety lock feature prevents accidental ignition
  • Flame lock button for continuous use
  • Regulator valve for consistent flame
  • Adjustable flame size control


Applications for Use

  • Brazing
  • Soldering
  • Heat Treating
  • Light Welding
  • Metal Work
  • Loosen Rusty Bolts
  • Thawing Frozen Pipes
  • Removing paint and other coatings
  • Heating Shrink Wrap
  • Glass Shaping
  • Shape Jewelry
  • Remove Adhesives
  • Cleaning Metal Tools
  • And More...

Industries using Propane Torches

  • Plumbing: Propane torches are commonly used by plumbers for soldering copper pipes, as the high-temperature flame can quickly heat the pipe to the required temperature for soldering.
  • Automotive: Propane torches can be used for a variety of automotive applications, such as heating up bolts and other metal components to make them easier to remove.
  • Construction: Propane torches can be used for a variety of construction applications, such as heating and bending PVC pipes, melting tar and asphalt, and thawing frozen pipes.
  • Welding: Propane torches can be used for small welding jobs, such as welding small metal pieces together.
  • Jewelry making: Propane torches can be used for soldering and annealing jewelry.
  • DIY home improvement: Propane torches can be used for a variety of home improvement tasks, such as removing paint and other coatings, heating shrink wrap, and thawing frozen pipes.
  • Culinary: Propane torches can also be used in the kitchen for caramelizing sugar on desserts, melting cheese, and searing meats.

Master Propane Torch Head PT-2000Si

High intensity handheld blow torch with push button ignition and heavy duty cast aluminum housing. Compatible with both Propane and MAPP Gas. Reaches temperatures of 2600F (Propane) and 2730F (MAPP)