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Master Cut, Strip & Heavy Duty Crimp Tool



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When it comes to cutting, stripping, and crimping the electrical wires of a mechanical assembly, a heavy-duty crimping tool is a must-have for hobbyists and professionals that perform electrical work. Our heavy-duty crimper is the ultimate solution for getting the job done right and quickly. This three-in-one tool can safely cut a wide variety of bolts and screws to size as well as crimp an array of stranded or solid wire gauges, so you have everything you need for easy and stable cutting, stripping, or crimping in hard-to-reach places. In terms of clean and accurate results, you can always count on the Master cut and strip heavy-duty crimp tool for all types of applications and worksites.

Working with wire connectors can be a painstaking task, but you can efficiently produce a high-quality crimp when you have the appropriate tools on hand. Each heavy-duty crimping tool we offer features comfortable, cushioned handles to help reduce hand fatigue on longer projects as well as a heat-treated steel construction to ensure long life, reliability, and precision down to the minutest detail. Plus, each heavy-duty crimper comes with two precision-ground wire cutters to choose from:an anvil-type up front and a scissor-type located just behind the pivot point. No matter what kind of job you need to complete, the Master cut and strip heavy-duty crimp tool has all your needs covered. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact Master Appliance today for additional information.

A multi-purpose hand tool that crimps, cuts and strips wire

  • Crimps "crimp & heat seal" type connectors
  • Two precision-ground wire cutters, up-front anvil-type and scissors type, located behind pivot point
  • Cuts 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24 and 4-40 bolts and screws
  • Scissors action wire stripper is precision-ground for accuracy and clean, neat stripping Strips stranded wire in 22 to 10 AWG sizes and solid wire in 18 to 8 AWG sizes
  • Cushioned handles for user comfort, made of heat-treated tool steel for long life, reliability and accuracy
35083 Cutter, Stripper, Crimper
Master Cut, Strip & Crimp Tool

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