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Proseal Butt Splice Connector Jar


Master Appliance's butt connectors are the first choice of electricians, auto repair specialists, and other professionals that demand high performance. You will be hard-pressed to find superior crimp and seal splice connectors on the market, and every butt splice connector we supply is crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for strength and conductivity, and heat-sealed for superior durability. We offer three different gauge sizes to choose from: 10 – 12 AWG (Yellow), 14 – 16 AWG (Blue), and 18 – 20 AWG (Red). All crimp butt connectors are color-coded with wire gauge imprint, so you can quickly and easily identify the correct part for the job. To ensure better wire contact, less voltage drop, and better current flow, all Proseal butt splice connectors are designed with brazed seam rings and spades.

In terms of durable insulation and watertight connections, our butt connectors set the standard for quality and consistent performance. All the heat-shrink tubing we supply is made of entirely of translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin to allow for easier visual inspection and prevention of wire corrosion. Plus, the tubing that comes with our splice connectors will not reduce in length, so you can count on superior wire support and strain relief wherever it is needed most. Proseal butt splice connectors are free of lead and have 89 pounds of tensile strength, so you can maintain the original integrity of wire connections and wiring harnesses that conform with OEM standards. If you have any questions about our crimp butt connectors or need help finding the right butt splice connector for the job, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Professional Quality Crimp & Heat Seal Butt Splice Connector Jars

  • The finest "crimp & heat-seal" connector on the market today. Better wire contact - less voltage drop - better current flow
  • Seamless butt connectors prevent opening of connector barrel for stronger crimp. 89lbs tensile strength
  • Uniform adhesive flow does not overflow onto TERMINAL to impede contact
  • Heat shrink tubing does not reduce in length, creating better insulation along with superior wire support and strain relief
  • Durable Insulation, watertight connection, color coded with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification of the correct part for the job


MODEL #           Description

11540               18-20 AWG, Red, 100Pcs

11541               14-16 AWG, Blue, 100Pcs

11542               10-12 AWG, Yellow, 60 Pcs

The finest "Crimp & Heat-Seal" connector on the market today. Seamless butt connectors, brazed seam rings and spades. Better wire contact - Less voltage drop - Better current flow. Choose from 3 different gauge sizes.
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