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Master Appliances manufactures and distributes an extensive line of butane microtorches including the Master Microtorch brand; microtorches are used for a variety of projects, large and small, that can be done around the house. The versatility in size and power of Master Appliance butane torches offer something for everyone, and no matter what job you have on your “to do” list, Master Appliance has the portable soldering iron and butane torches perfect for any task at hand. Just check with a Master Appliance distributor in your area, and you’ll be all set to tackle that next project.

Master Appliance Butane Tools/Microtorches

The MT-5 Microtorch Model is our most compact (pocket-sized) refillable, butane powered microtorch and can easily fit in any took kit. It’s quick-lighting, self-igniting features eliminate the need for lighters and matches, and the flame resists wind and moisture, making it perfect for outdoor use.

To prevent unintentional ignition, there’s a safety lock and attached safety cap, and its lockable feature allows for hands-free use. This model is perfect for repairing glass, shrink tubing, soldering and heating materials. The MT-5 model meets Consumer Product Safety Commission child safety requirements. 

The MT-11 Microtorch Model butane tool from Master Appliance is palm-sized and self-igniting for your convenience. Its built-in self-igniting system has a safety lock, and the flame is wind-resistant, making this model perfect for outdoor use, also. This microtorch is used to heat and ignite various materials, shrink tubing, soldering, terminating specialty connectors and so much more. This model, too, meets the child safety requirements set forth by the CPSC.

The Microtorch Model MT-30 is a table-top butane micro torch for bench-top use and features a built-in self-ignition feature with a safety lock to prevent unintentional lighting. This model comes with a durable, self-contained refillable fuel tank, which can run for 60 minutes straight on a full charge.

The Model MT-51 butane tool is a hand-held table top microtorch, also with a built-in self-ignition and safety lock system. The built-in refillable plastic fuel tank allows for hands-free use and meets the child safety requirements of the CPSC.

The Triggertorch Model MT-70 is a compact, self-igniting butane heat tool made by Master Appliance, and its long blue flame reaches temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Approved by the CPSC, this model should be refilled with Master Ultratane butane for optimal performance.

Triggertorch Model Mt-76 is a portable soldering iron for hand-held use or table-top use. Its self-igniting features eliminates the need for lighters, and this portable soldering iron is perfect for soldering and desoldering, igniting materials, melting plastic, shrink tubing and so much more. Like all Master Appliance butane tools, this model meets CPSC child safety requirements.

Master Appliance has the high quality, professional grade heating tools, accessories and attachments you need for a variety of jobs. Find a Master Appliance distributor near you or order online today!