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Master Microtorch® MT-11



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Are you in the market for a new heat tool? The Master Microtorch MT-11 is as versatile as they come and can make a valuable addition to any toolbox. This butane-powered microtorch is competitively priced and conveniently sized to make applications as easy and quick as possible. This small but mighty torch produces an adjustable, wind-resistant flame that can reach temperatures up to 2,500 °F (1,300 °C) for a run time of 20 minutes at full charge. Plus, this torch comes with a built-in safety lock and an improved self-ignition system. With a pinpoint flame at the ready, the possibilities are endless. Wherever detailed work is required, the MT-11 torch has all your needs covered.

Due to its palm-perfect size, the Master Microtorch MT-11 torch is ideal for on-the-go jobs that require pinpoint heat with the utmost precision, such as soldering, desoldering, heat shrinking, terminating, heating, and so much more. Every MT-11 torch features a refillable fuel cell and built-in fuel level viewing window to eliminate the guesswork and keep you informed of your fuel usage. For optimum performance, we recommend using Ultratane® butane fuel that contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Complete projects both large and small with one of the most versatile butane heat tools we carry. Microtorch models have something to offer everyone, no matter what job is next on the to-do list. If you have any questions or concerns about the Master Microtorch MT-11, please contact us for additional information or further assistance.

A palm sized butane powered microtorch

  • Compact palm size is perfect for
  • tool kits and field service kits
  • Produces an adjustable, wind resistant flame with temperatures up to 2500°F/1300°C, perfect for
  • many microtorch applications
  • Built-in Safety Lock with improved easy to use
  • self-ignition system
  • Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Requirements
  • Powered by refillable "fuel cell" (included) with flame adjustment lever
  • Built-in fuel level viewing window
  • Use with Master Ultratane® Butane for best performance
  • Pinpoint flame is perfect for soldering, desoldering, heat shrinking & terminating, heating, lighting and many other applications
  • Patent Pending



MT-11 Microtorch, palm sized
MT-11K Microtorch, palm sized with Item No. 10448 Ultratane® Butane


Dimensions: 2.65"(L) x 1.05"(W) x 4.60"(H) Fuel Tank: "Refillable Fuel" Cell
Recommended Fuel: Master
Ultratane® Butane
Approx. Flame Temp: 2500° F/1300°C
(blue flame)
Approx. Run Time: 20 min. (full charge) Net Weight: 2.9 oz./82 g
Shipping Weight: MT-11 - 1 lbs. / 
MT-11K - 1 lbs.
Microtorch® MT-11
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