Ultratorch® UT-50 Attachments & Accessories

If you proudly own the Ultratorch UT-50 butane tool, you may already know just how valuable an addition it is to any self-respecting tool collection. This smartly styled, pen-sized heat tool is deceivingly powerful and can be used for heat shrinking, soldering, desoldering, and so much more. To help you make your soldering iron even more versatile, we offer an array of Ultratorch UT-50 attachments that can broaden your horizons and expand your capabilities. We also supply an array of Ultratorch UT-50 accessories, so you can make the most of this portable tool at home and on the job. Shop from our assortment today to learn more about the different tips and attachments we carry.

Wherever pinpoint heat and accuracy are required, we have the tools needed to help you get the detailed work done right. Soldering iron tips can quickly become black and pitted with regular wear and tear, but you can find all the replacements you need right here. We offer an array of hot air and spade tips to help you concentrate heat to a small area. Chisel tips are reliable wherever adequate heat transfer is of the highest priority. Conical tips with a tapered needle design are well-suited to detailed needle-point work and precision soldering. If you need to remove both the ejector and burner at any point, our ejector spanner offers the perfect solution. Looking for a replacement for the protective cap that came with your butane tool? We offer protective cap replacements and carrying straps.

In 1985, we were the first to introduce butane-powered soldering irons and heat tools to the North American marketplace. Since then, our advanced soldering guns, irons, and torches have become the go-to choices for professionals throughout many industries. Don't let a lack of supplies come between you and the task at hand. Shop from our selection of Ultratorch UT-50 attachments today to find the perfect part for the job. If you have any questions or concerns about our selection of Ultratorch UT-50 accessories, please don't hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly customer service representatives is standing by to help. Simply call 800-558-9413 to learn more.