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Ultraweld UW-100 Cordless Plastic Welding Kit



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Master Appliance Ultraweld UW-100 Cordless Vinyl Floor Heat Welder 01:15

The Ultraweld heat welding tool is cordless, powered by butane gas eliminating the need to be near an electrical outlet. It is the perfect tool for vinyl and linoleum floor seam welding jobs where an electrical outlet is not nearby, touch up jobs and corner tasks. The Ultraweld heat welder is lightweight and easy to hold, not bulky like traditional electrical floor welders. Fill it with Master's triple refined non-clogging Ultratane butane for enhanced performance.

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    The Ultraweld heat welding tool is cordless, powered by butane...


The Master Ultraweld UW-100 is a variable temperature, self-igniting butane powered heat tool.  This one of a kind cordless welding tool is great for small to medium sized touch up jobs, corners and anywhere an electrical outlet is hard to find when welding vinyl and linoleum flooring. This tool uses a catalytic gas reaction system allowing butane gas to be the power source instead of an electric outlet like traditional electric floor welders are bound by. The handle of the UW-100 features an air fan that quickly propels the heat generated by the catalyst to the tip of the welder. A LED light positioned on the handle shines on the surface ahead of the weld enabling great visibility of the floor seam even in dim lighting conditions. The cordless Ultraweld is lightweight, not bulky like the usual electrical welders.  Fill with Master's Ultratane Butane fuel for best performance. Ultratane butane has a triple refined, non-clogging formula to ensure long life of your heat tool.  Air fan and LED light operates off of 4 AA batteries. Batteries not included.