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Proheat® 1500 LCD Programmable Heat Gun & Kit



Applying Monokote® Material to an Airplane Wing

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Six programmable temperature and airflow settings with
LCD display and Lockability

  • Six preset & customizable program settings with digital display of temperature and air flow settings
  • Programmable heat and air flow removes the guess work
  • Adjustable temperature in 10° increments from 130°F to 1000°F, (50°C to 540°C) in your choice of degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Adjustable air flow from 4 to 16 CFM (113 - 453 l/min.)
  • Electronic closed loop temperature control system maintains
  • constant temperature when varying air flow or using
  • specialty attachments
  • Ergonomic handle provides balanced grip
  • Temperature & Air Flow Lock-In feature provides added management control. Perfect for production applications requiring consistent application of heat.
  • Power-interrupt Reset feature
  • Use to heat or dry temperature sensitive materials, shrink tubing, shrink packaging and specialty connectors, solder and desolder, bend plastics, activate adhesives, remove decals, defrost frozen pipes and more
  • Multiple electrical plugs, attachments & bench stand available

Available Models

PH-1500 Heat Gun 120V 60 Hz 11A
PH-1500K Heat Gun Kit 120V 60 Hz 11A
35336 Proheat Nozzle Guard      


Avg. Temp. 130° F to 1000° F
50°C to 540° C
Nozzle Opening: .88”I.D., 1.31" O.D.
Avg. Air Volume: 4-16 CFM/113-453 l/min Cordset: 6 ft., 3-wire grounded
Avg. Air Velocity: 737-4000 FPM/
Shipping Weight Tool: 2 lbs., 
Shipping Weight Kit: 7 lbs.
Motor: Permanent Magnet Tool Net Weight: 1.6 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.2" L x 3.0" W x 7.3" H

Net Weight: 1.6 lbs.



product_downloads:Master Proheat Instruction Manual

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