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Master D-Series Heat Gun Element Kits, 120 & 220 Volts

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Need a replacement element for your Master Heat Gun?  Master has assembled element kits containing all the parts you need to put a brand new heating element on your heat gun. A new and improved Master Heat Gun was recently released. We call it the "D-Series".  The element kits for this new heat gun series are also reverse compatible with our previous "legacy" Master Heat Gun models.  So whether you have the newest version or the older version of our Master Heat Gun, you have come to the right page for your replacement element.  See conversion chart below to answer any of your selection questions.   

This page has replacement element kits for models:

120 Volt Models

  • HG-201D  (also works for the HG-201A legacy model)
  • HG-301D  (also works for the HG-301A legacy model)
  • HG-501D  (also works for the HG-501A & HG-751B legacy models)
  • HG-801D  
  • VT-751D  (also works for the VT-750C legacy model)


220 Volt Models

  • HG-202D  (also works for the HG-202A legacy model)
  • HG-302D  (also works for the HG-302A legacy model)
  • HG-502D  (also works for the HG-502A & HG-752b legacy models)
  • VT-752D  (also works for the VT-752C legacy model)


Note: The same element kit works for both the HG-501D & VT-751D.  The same goes for the HG-502D & VT-752D element kits.