Ultratorch® UT-40Si Attachments & Accessories

Master Appliance's Ultratorch UT-40Si model is one of the finest soldering irons on the market. This butane-powered and completely cordless heat tool is commonly used to install heat-shrink tubing, brazing two distinct types of metal, and general-purpose soldering. Each UT-40Si soldering iron kit comes with oxygen-free and copper-based soldering tips that feature thick iron and chrome plating to ensure extra-long life and higher thermal connectivity than its competition, but you may need more to help you tackle new materials and processes used throughout the industry. Whether you are a hobbyist who solders jewelry or an automotive professional who works with electrical circuits, we offer a wide selection of Ultratorch UT-40Si attachments that has all your needs covered in one convenient place.

Soldering on the go has never been as easy than when you own an Ultratorch UT-40Si. Now, you can make your new soldering iron even more versatile by exploring our selection of Ultratorch UT-40Si accessories. We carry heat-shrink attachments to assist with heat-shrink tubing applications, such as insulating cables, providing a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals, color coding, harnessing, and improving the overall look of electrical assemblies. We carry needle tips for detailed needle-point work and precision soldering, chisel tips for general purposes and extra heat transfer, hot knife tips for drag soldering and solder bridge repair, as well as hot air tips for concentrated airflow.

Reap the rewards of owning a completely cordless, butane-powered heat tool today by browsing our broad selection of Ultratorch UT-40Si attachments today to find the parts you need for everyday applications and projects. We also supply protective caps to keep your soldering iron safe and your hands safe from your soldering iron. Remember to check back as we continually update our inventory to include new products with expanded capabilities. If you have any questions about our selection of Ultratorch UT-40Si accessories, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance from a knowledgeable customer service representative.