EconoIron Attachments & Accessories

When it comes to pinpointing heat, soldering, desoldering, stripping insulation, torching materials, and performing other projects, Master Appliance's EconoIron is the best-kept secret in the industry. These multiple-use tools combine the best of soldering irons, torches, and hot knives to ensure that you can get any job done easily and quickly. However, it's never too late to broaden your horizons. We offer a wide selection of EconoIron attachments and accessories that can help you tackle a wide range of commercial, home, and industrial applications with ease. With a broad variety of attachments at your fingertips, finding a solution that makes your butane-powered soldering iron even more versatile is easier than ever before. Explore our selection today to find all the EconoIron accessories you need.

Many of the EconoIron models we supply come standard with soldering tips, heat tips, and torch tips, but we offer a wealth of EconoIron attachments to choose from. Here, you can easily find replacements for all the supplies that came with your heat tool as well as specialty attachments that can help you expand the functions that your heat tool can perform. We supply specialty tips for flameless heat, flat flame, hot knife, soldering, scraping, and cutting. We also supply torch heads, heat shrink attachments, round discs, and other soldering essentials.

Don't let the lack of an attachment stop you from getting the job done right. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right specialty attachments for your soldering iron. That's precisely why we offer such a vast selection of EconoIron accessories, so you can find just what you need at an excellent price. If you're short on time, our tip assortment kit may just come with everything you need to tackle all the projects that await you. Each assortment kit comes fully equipped with five EconoIron attachments, including one poly cut tip, one needle tip, one 2.4mm solder tip, one double sharp tip, and one hot knife, as well as an adapter to suit any need. If you have any questions about our selection of EconoIron accessories, please contact us today to speak with a customer service representative.