Proheat Heat Gun Attachments & Accessories

If you use your Proheat heat gun for a variety of applications, there's no better way to give back to your favorite heat tool than to give it the upgrade it deserves. At Master Appliance, we offer a wide selection of Proheat heat gun attachments that can help you tackle an even wider scope of projects at home or on the job. Our assortment of Proheat heat gun accessories includes high-quality attachments for heat-shrink tubing, butt welding, lap-welding, plastic welding, and other applications you may encounter on an everyday basis. All the attachments and accessories we supply are held to the highest standards of quality, so you can focus on the task at hand and work with total confidence.

Our vast selection of Proheat heat gun attachments is the perfect place to find accessories that allow you to expand the capabilities of your favorite heat tool. We offer 2 – 3-inch spreaders that help generate airflow to larger work areas, which can be useful when applying and removing shrink films or graphics. Our heat-shrink tubing attachment is made of heavy-duty cold rolled steel and can assist in shrink tubing projects. Reflector nozzles are especially efficient at directing hot air for even heating. Deflect heat away from windows with ease by choosing our heat deflector. Find all the supplies you need to make welding a breeze by browsing our assortment of angle slits, heat discs, and more.

In addition to attachments, we also offer an array of Proheat heat gun accessories that can help you improve safety measures and maximize the most of your heat gun's performance. With a nozzle guard, you can prevent burns and other injuries while the heat gun is in use. Store and carry your Proheat heat gun to any job site by investing in a storage case. We offer two different carrying cases to accommodate all the Proheat models we manufacture. We also carry replacement ProLoc magnetic keys for use with PH-1400, PH-1600, and PH-1610 models. No matter what you are looking for, we have all your needs covered in this comprehensive selection. Please feel free to contact us if you would like help finding a specific attachment for your heat tool.