Master-Mite® Heat Gun Attachments & Accessorie

Once you use the Master-Mite heat gun, there's no going back. This continuous, heavy-duty heating system performs benchtop tasks without excess airflow. All three versions come complete with a bench stand to provide hands-free operation and a heat shrink attachment for heating tubes to fit electrical wires, but you may need more variety to handle the wealth of projects that come your way in the future. That's where we can help. Master Appliance offers a wide array of Master-Mite heat gun attachments that can help you expand the capabilities of your micro heat gun. All attachments and Master-Mite heat gun accessories are of the highest quality, so you can power through projects with total confidence. Shop from our selection today to find exactly what you need for an excellent price.

From vinyl repair to drying film, it is important to stay prepared for all the new materials and processes used throughout the industry. In our selection of Master-Mite heat gun attachments, you can find solder preforms that provide a precise volume of solder and flux to the desired area you are working on. We also offer shrink tubing attachments to help with insulating cables, providing a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals, color coding, harnessing, and improving the overall look of electrical assemblies. Our pinpoint reducer is a multipurpose attachment that can be used for precision welding, soldering, preheating materials, and performing detailed work. If you need a replacement for the bench stand that came with your Master-Mite heat gun, we have you covered.

Master-Mite heat guns can shrink tubing, melt solder performs, activate or cure adhesives and epoxies, and preheat flux, among many other uses. Now, you can do even more by shopping from our selection of Master-Mite heat gun accessories to find versatile attachments that make valuable additions to your toolbox. All Master-Mite attachments are made of high-quality materials to ensure years of trouble-free use. If you have any questions about our collection, one of our friendly customer service representatives is standing by to help. Call 800-558-9413 today to learn more.