Ecoheat Heat Gun Attachments & Accessories

Ecoheat heat guns are the preferred choice of many industry professionals because they offer two heat settings to choose from and are incredibly easy to use. As versatile as these heat guns are for a great value, it may be difficult to accommodate the wide variety of applications you face on a daily basis without specialty attachments. Beyond removing decals, spot drying paint, and performing other household projects, your Ecoheat heat gun can do so much more. We offer a wide selection of Ecoheat heat gun attachments that can help you make your new heat tool even more versatile. We also offer an array of Ecoheat heat gun accessories that can make each job more enjoyable and efficient.

The Ecoheat heat gun is one of the most economically priced models we offer, but those cost-savings benefits do not mean diminished quality. Although every Ecoheat heat gun kit includes four specialty attachments to make easy work of bending plastics, removing decals, spot drying, and more, replacements over time may be necessary. We offer a comprehensive attachment kit that comes complete with two spreaders, one reducer, and one reflector to help you power through projects like never before. Spreaders help generate airflow to larger work areas, which can be useful when applying and removing shrink films or graphics. Reducers can be used for precision welding, soldering, preheating substrates, and performing detail work. Reflectors are especially efficient at directing hot air for even heating.

Could the carrying case that came with your purchase of the Ecoheat kit use a well-deserved break? We offer a plastic storage case with molded slots to suit the EC-100 model and numerous Ecoheat heat gun attachments. This rugged case makes it easy to store and transport your heat gun and the attachments you need to any job site with ease. Wherever heat is needed, the Ecoheat heat gun is your solution. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our selection of Ecoheat heat gun accessories today. Call 800-558-9413 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives.