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Master Appliance Proheat Plastic Welding Kit Video Transcript

Introducing the Master ProHeat Plastic Welding Kit. It makes fabricating and repairing thermoplastics fast and simple. The heart of this system is the Master ProHeat LCD Heat Gun. Dial-in control lets you set temperature and air flow, which can be locked in with an innovative key lock feature. Each kit is a self-contained, general-purpose plastic welding system with everything needed for hot air welding a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. A heavy-duty storage case also contains these items: a speed welding tip, a tacking tip, two reducers, a shrink attachment, an instruction manual, and five starter welding rod assortments for practice. Here are a few popular applications this kit can be used in: pendulum welding, welding flooring material, plastic bumper repair, as well as a wide variety of other thermoplastic materials. The Master ProHeat Welding Kit – a professional set of tools to repair your parts.