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Master Appliance Best Portable Butane Soldering Iron: The Master UT 100Si Ultratorch Video Transcript

Introducing the Master UltraTorch UT-100Si butane-powered, professional heat tool. This three-in-one tool operates as a self-igniting soldering iron, flameless heat tool, and torch with a blue pinpoint flame. It features best-in-class, oxygen-free, copper base Ultratip soldering tips with thick iron and chrome plating for extra-long life and higher thermal connectivity than its competition. Master's UltraTorches are cordless, lightweight, and completely portable, providing up to 80 watts of power equivalent to an electric soldering iron. The UT-100Si self-ignites with a push button for fast, easy starting every time. Fill up the UltraTorch with Master's triple filtered Ultratane Butane. A full tank allows for approximately two hours of operation. Hot air temperatures can reach up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for use with Master's heat and seal connectors, removing surface mount components, soldering, desoldering, and many other applications where versatile, pinpoint heat is needed. Master's UT-100Si – superior-quality heat tool for professionals worldwide.