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The Master Heat Gun : Best heat gun for paint stripping, packaging, dent removal, heat shrink

Introducing the Master Heat Gun, the most durable, long-lasting heat gun of its kind. Master Heat Guns are equipped with a non-slip, rubber-backed base. 90-degree rotation allows for flexibility of use for many different applications.

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Master Appliance Best Portable Butane Soldering Iron: The Master UT 100Si Ultratorch

Introducing the Master UltraTorch UT-100Si butane-powered, professional heat tool. This three-in-one tool operates as a self-igniting soldering iron, flameless heat tool, and torch with a blue pinpoint flame. It features best-in-class, oxygen-free, copper base Ultratip soldering tips with thick iron and chrome plating for extra-long life and higher thermal connectivity than its competition.

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How to use the Master Appliance Proheat STC Heat Gun

This is a product video for the Master Appliance ProHeat STC Heat Gun, and here are the details. STC stands for surface temperature control. The 1600 Series is 120 volts. The 2600 Series is 230 volts. PH-1600 and 2600 has a six-foot cord. The PH-1615 and 2615 has a 16-foot cord.

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Best Heat Gun to Control Surface Temperature - Master Appliance Proheat STC

The Master ProHeat STC – the world's first surface temperature-sensing and control heat gun. Unlike other LCD display-type heat guns, which display only the temperature at the nozzle, the Master ProHeat STC is the first heat gun to sense, display, and control actual surface temperatures.

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Master Appliance Proheat Plastic Welding Kit

Introducing the Master ProHeat Plastic Welding Kit. It makes fabricating and repairing thermoplastics fast and simple. The heart of this system is the Master ProHeat LCD Heat Gun. Dial-in control lets you set temperature and air flow, which can be locked in with an innovative key lock feature.