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Master Microtorch® MT-30


A low profile, table-top microtorch with stable base for industrial and laboratory applications

  • Built-in self-igniting system with safety lock that ensures the switch is not turned on when not in use
  • Wide, stable base is perfect for bench-top use
  • Butane-powered, eliminates the need for external fuel tanks, costly piping or unsightly hoses
  • Durable self-contained, refillable metal fuel tank
  • 60 minutes continuous run time with a full charge
  • Adjustable broad flame or pinpoint flame
  • Flame temperature approximately 2500°F
  • Safety lock prevents unintentional ignition, locks for storage
  • Refill with Master Ultratane Butane for best performance
  • Use for industrial, institutional, scientific and dental laboratory applications, including shrinking tubing and specialty connectors, heating and spot drying materials, heating wax, jewelry repair and more
MT-30 Microtorch, Low-Profile Table-Top


Dimensions: 5.1" H x 3" W x 3.5" D Net Weight: 12 oz.
Approx. Run Time: One Hour Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
Approx. Flame Temp.: 2500° F Shipped Empty
Recommended Fuel: Master Ultratane® Butane Fuel Tank: Metal, Built-in, Refillable


Microtorch® MT-30
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