How to Solder Circuit Boards With Heat Tools

Electronic and Electrical Applications

Heat tools are commonly used in electronic and electrical applications for needs as simple as providing hot air or as complex as precision soldering. If you need to solder components or apply shrink tubing for your next electrical project, consider using a Master Appliance heat tool. Our tools are built specifically for dependability and versatility - providing you with the tools that you can count on in the field when you need them the most.

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  • Apply shrink tubing
  • Bend and form PVC conduit
  • Dry and bake shellac on armature windings
  • Dry out condensation
  • Melt solder or component board backs
  • Dry paint and plastic finishes
  • Pre-heat flux
  • Set epoxy cement
  • Set pre-coated rivets
  • Shrink tubing
  • Soften, mold and form plastics
  • Solder and desolder
  • Speed plastic curing
  • Terminate heat seal connectors
  • Weld plastics

Electrical and electronic applications are found throughout nearly every industry in the world. Whether you are working in construction or technology, Master Appliance offers precision heat tools for most applications. Browse through our high quality tools, pick out the best one for your project needs, and then take your performance to a whole new level!